Are you looking for the right coolant for your BMW? Discover in our selection the BMW model you are looking for and discover there all relevant information about the matching coolant as well as alternative products.

BMW and its coolants

BMW, like many other car manufacturers, is one of those that uses its own coolants for its models. This means that there are so-called original BMW coolants, which are used from the factory. For you as a customer, it is therefore easy to find the right coolant for your BMW. Nevertheless, there are also high-quality and at the same time inexpensive product alternatives. These have the same chemical properties and can also be used. In most cases, they are even approved by BMW. Thus, you even retain the warranty claims when using them. In our articles, however, you will find much more about this!

Discover more BMW spare parts and lubricants

In addition to coolants, BMW engine oil, windshield wipers, brake fluid, power steering oil and more are also among those lubricants that need to be replaced at regular intervals. We also have relevant content for you on these BMW spare parts and lubricants. Discover the section “Oils & Spare Parts” in our menu.

Coolant table

Our central coolant table makes it even easier for you to find the right coolant for your car – and the possible product alternative. Maybe you drive a car of another manufacturer? Then our coolant table will help you just as quickly!