G12evo Coolant

The G12evo coolant standard is currently the latest standard among VW coolants. As the successor to the G13 coolant, the original VW G12evo has been used and recommended in various VW models since 2018 – more precisely since 06/2018. In addition to the standard by name, the G12evo also hides the VW release VW TL-774-L.

Looking at the chemical composition of this coolant, presents a so-called HOAT technology (abbreviation for “Hybrid Organic Acid Technology”). This coolant consists of phosphates, silicates and organic additives. The silicate acts as a corrosion inhibitor. HOAT technology was already used in the VW G13 and VW G12++ coolants, which also improved their miscibility.



The G12evo is miscible with all previous VW coolants. Here is a small overview.

VW Coolant standards G12evo
G11 Mixable
G12 Mixable
G12+ Mixable
G12++ Mixable
G13 Mixable

Difference G13 and G12evo

In terms of color, no differences can be seen between the two coolants. The original VW G13 as well as G12evo both have a pink/purple color. The same applies to their antifreeze, which is effective at temperatures as low as -35°C. However, the G12evo is labeled with a photrunning VW release, the VW TL-774-L and thus followed the G13 release VW TL-774-J. At the same time, since 2018, new cars from the VW Group are only filled with the current original VW G12evo coolant.

Pure concentrate vs. ready-mix

Most of the automotive manufacturers’ coolants are usually available as pure concentrate or ready-mix. In the case of the concentrate, this is mixed with distilled water and filled into the cooling system. For the original VW G12evo, there is currently only the so-called Ready-Mix to buy, which is a ready-mix. It can therefore be filled directly after opening the bottle.

Buy original VW G12evo online

You can find the latest VW coolant at workshops or also in various online stores. In search of a favorable price, the purchase of larger containers is recommended, as these are usually cheaper in price per liter. So you can find the VW G12evo coolant in the 1L bottle as well as the 5L canister.

VW G12evo Ready-Mix 1L

original vw volkswagen g12evo kühlmittel

VW G12evo Ready-Mix 5L


Original VW G12evo coolant

  • Ready mixed for filling
  • Latest VW coolant standard
  • Pink/Purple color
  • VW approval VW TL-774-L
  • Protects at up to -35 degrees
  • Mixable with VW G13 coolant

Alternatives to the original VW G12evo

As already mentioned, behind the name G12evo hides the VW release VW TL-774-L. In order to be allowed to use an alternative approved by VW, it should also have exactly the VW TL-774-L approval. The same principle occurs when you want to buy an engine oil.

Glysantin offers such an alternative with its product Glysantin G65. The pink coolant is available as a concentrate and is mixed with distilled water.

Mixing Glysantin G65 with water

Use the following mixing ratios as a guide when mixing with water:

  • Mixture 1:2 (30% Glysantin G65 + 70% water): Antifreeze effect up to -20°C
  • Mixture 1:1,5 (40% Glysantin G65 + 60% water): Antifreeze effect up to -27°C
  • Mixture 1:1 (50% Glysantin G65 + 50% water): Antifreeze effect up to -40°C