Skoda Octavia Coolant

Which coolant does your Skoda Octavia need? What do you have to pay attention to, what doesn’t matter and what alternative coolant could you use for your Octavia? This and more you will learn in the following article.

Overview of Skoda Octavia models

The first series of the Skoda Octavia came off the production line in 1996 and continues in its fourth series since 2020. You can see a brief overview of the model series here:

Series Year of construction
Skoda Octavia 1. Series 1997 – 2000
Skoda Octavia 1. Series (1. Facelift) 2000 – 2010
Skoda Octavia 2. Series 2004 – 2009
Skoda Octavia 2. Series (Facelift Nr. 1) 2009 – 2013
Skoda Octavia 3. Series 2013 – 2016
Skoda Octavia 3. Series (Facelift Nr. 1) 2017 – 2020
Skoda Octavia 4. Series Since 2020

VW coolant for Skoda

Since Skoda is part of the Volkswagen Group, VW’s own coolants are also used from the factory. These VW coolants, like the Octavia series, have also evolved over the years. VW established its first coolant standard with the VW G11. This was further developed over the years with the VW G12, VW G12+, VW G12++, VW G13 and VW G12evo standards. The VW G12evo coolant presents itself as the latest VW coolant.

These abbreviations each stand for an official VW release, such as VW TL 774-F or VW TL 774-G. Thus, they are used synonymously, but the official VW approvals are shown on the bottles of the coolants to prove whether they comply with them. These approvals are defined by VW to describe that a coolant must have such an approval to be approved for a VW vehicle. If a coolant does not have such an approval, the VW Group then does not provide a warranty for the coolant.

The following overview shows which VW release is behind the abbreviations and from when the respective release or coolant standard was introduced.

LabelingVW approvalUsed since
G11TL-774 C1994
G12TL-774 D1996
G12+TL-774 F2000
G12++TL-774 G2005
G13TL-774 J2012
G12 evoTL-774 L2018

VW coolant for the Skoda Octavia

If we combine both tables, you will find out which standard, if any, a coolant must meet in order to be permissible for your Octavia. For the greatest security, we always recommend a look in the vehicle manual under the heading coolant.

SeriesYear of constructionVW coolant
Skoda Octavia 1. Series1997 - 2000VW G12 / VW G12+
Skoda Octavia 1. Series (1. Facelift)2000 - 2010VW G12+ / VW G12++
Skoda Octavia 2. Series2004 - 2009VW G12+ / VW G12++
Skoda Octavia 2. Series (Facelift Nr. 1)2009 - 2013VW G12++ / VW G13
Skoda Octavia 3. Series2013 - 2016VW G13
Skoda Octavia 3. Series (Facelift Nr. 1)2017 - 2020VW G13 / VW G12evo
Skoda Octavia 4. SeriesSince 2020VW G12evo

VW G12evo & Skoda Octavia

If you would like to use an original VW coolant for your Skoda Octavia, you can only use the latest VW G12evo, as VW no longer manufactures the older standards as coolants. However, the G12evo is also mixable with all VW standards, with the exception of the VW G11.

VW G12 evo 1L

VW G12 evo 5L

VW G12 evo 1L

Gasoline vs. diesel

When it comes to coolant, it makes no difference whether you drive a diesel or gasoline engine. The only thing that can happen with the larger engines is that more coolant is filled in. For this reason, you don’t have to search for a suitable Octavia coolant for gasoline or diesel.

Alternatives with older standards

As previously mentioned, Volkswagen does not manufacture coolants prior to G12evo. However, if you would like to continue to use a coolant with the older standard exclusively, you can fall back on other alternatives. For this purpose, we have compiled a selection of possible alternatives from the manufacturer Febi Bilstein, which offers many products for this purpose.

Febi Bilstein G12+ 5L

Febi Bilstein G12++ 1.5L

Febi Bilstein G13 1.5L