The G13 coolant

The G13 coolant, together with the G12 evo, is the latest standard of VW coolants. The exact spare part number from VW for this coolant is TL-774 J. It is used, for example, for all Golf 7 (VII) models from the factory.

As a direct successor to the G12, G12+ and G12++ coolants, the G13 coolant is miscible with the G12 coolants (see paragraph below). The special feature of G13 coolant is that it is glycerine-based and therefore more environmentally friendly than the previous G12 coolants. At the same time, its production is cheaper than its predecessors. The successor to the G13, the G12evo, is similar. These two coolants can also be mixed with each other.

Advantages over the G12

The advantage of the G13 coolant standard is that it is more environmentally friendly and less expensive to manufacture. In terms of performance, the G13 follows on from the properties of the G12++. In the manufacture of a G12++, glycol was used as the base. The G13 uses glycerine, a biological waste product, as its base. This means that production is not only more environmentally friendly, but also saves costs during manufacture.

G13 ready mix and concentrate

As with all other coolants, G13 coolant is also available as a ready mix or concentrate. In the case of the concentrate, you must mix it with a distilled water before filling it into the cooling system. The G13 ready-mix is an optimal solution for refilling. As the term ready mix implies, the concentrate has already been mixed with water and can be used directly for refilling.

Mix G13 coolant

The G13 coolant can be mixed with all other VW standards, except for the G11 coolant. This is also shown briefly and compactly in the tabular overview.

Coolant G13 coolant
G11 Not mixable
G12 Mixable
G12+ Mixable
G12++ Mixable
G13 Mixable
G12 evo Mixable

Original VW vs. alternatives

If you are looking for an original VW G13 coolant, you will have a hard time. Since 2018, VW only produces the latest standard, the VW G12evo. You can buy this buy next to workshops, at gas stations or on the Internet. If you still want to buy a G13 coolant, there are alternative manufacturers to choose from, which continue to produce G13 coolant. If these comply with the VW G13 release, the TL-774 J, they are approved by VW for the respective cars.

The original VW G13 coolant

The VW coolant with the purple color was previously available as a concentrate, as well as a ready-mix. The ready mix protects at a temperature down to -25°C. The pure concentrate has protection down to -40°C.

Price of the G13 coolant

The price of a G13 ready mix was last around 12,90€ for 1,5L. The ready mix is a little cheaper than the pure concentrate (about 18€), but you get by mixing with distilled water, with the concentrate a little more. For the pure refill, however, the ready mix offers itself.

Original VW G12evo 1L (Ready-Mix)

Original VW G12evo 5L (Ready-Mix)

Features of the VW G12evo

  • Successor of the VW G13
  • Color: Purple/Pink
  • OEM product
  • For Audi, SEAT, Skoda and VW
  • Mixable with G13

Coolant G13 from Ravenol

The German manufacturer Ravenol offers the replacement product for the classic G13 under the product name Ravenol LGC Protect C13. The abbreviation C13 is based on the VW standard G13. The same applies to the G12 coolant, which is named C12 at Ravenol. Ravenol C13 is available as a concentrate or premixed coolant. The color of the Ravenol C13 is violet / purple, like the original coolant from VW.

The great advantage of Ravenol coolant is that it is available in different liter units. Thus, the two product variants are each available in 1.5L, 5L and 20L containers. With the increasing number of liters, the price per liter also decreases.

The G13 coolant from Ravenol has the release VW TL 774-J. Exactly this release represents the G13 coolant standard of VW. Through the release VW gives this coolant so at the same time. In addition, the Ravenol coolant has the approvals:

  • VW G012A8FM1
  • VW G012A8FM8
  • VW G012A8GM9

Ravenol LGC C13 5L (Concentrate)

Properties of Ravenol C13

  • Recommendation: VW TL 774-J (corresponds to G13)
  • Color: Purple
  • Protects up to -37 degrees
  • OAT coolant

Distilled water for coolant concentrate

Ravenol LGC C13 coolant: Pros and Cons

Advantages Disadvantages
✓ Less expensive as VW G13 No OEM product
✓ Available in multiple liter quantities
✓ Available as concentrate and ready-mix
✓ Protects till – 37°C
✓ Lower liter price for larger liter quantities


Coolant G13 from Liqui Moly

The German manufacturer Liqui Moly is especially known for engine oils and additives. For some time now, however, Liqui Moly has also been offering coolants. With the product Liqui Moly Kühlerfrostschutz KFS 13 shows up at the same time a G13 coolant counterpart. This carries the VW TL-774 J recommendation. It is important to note here that a recommendation does not correspond to a release from the car manufacturer.

The G13 coolant from Liqui Moly is currently only available as a concentrate. But in the containers 1L, 5L, 20L, 60L and 200L. With its light red color, it does not correspond to the purple color of the original VW G13. However, unlike the competition, Liqui Moly KFS 13 can work at temperatures as low as – 69°C.

Additional details:

  • Bright red color
  • 36 months minimum shelf life (with closed original container)
  • 1 liter – 200 liter containers available

Liqui Moly KFS 13: Pros and Cons

Advantages Disadvantages
✓ Less expensive as the VW G13 No OEM product
✓ Available in multiple liter quantities Without a official VW approval
✓ Protects till – 69°C Only available as concentrate


Coolant G13 from Glysantin

If you are looking for a high-quality replacement product for VW G11, G12+ and G12++ coolants, you will quickly find a suitable product at Glysantin. However, the well-known manufacturer does not offer an alternative for the VW G13 coolant. Glysantin G30, G40 and G48 only cover the predecessor standards of the VW coolant. Accordingly, other coolant manufacturers must be used when looking for alternatives.