What is coolant without water?

If you are looking for “coolant without water”, you are probably looking for a ready-mixed coolant that already contains a ready proportion of water and therefore requires no further water additive, or for a coolant concentrate that requires a fixed proportion of water for use in the cooling system.

In the following, we will discuss both types of coolant and explain the differences and cost advantages. Especially the concentrate has more savings potential than some people might think.

Coolant with ready mixed water content

Are you looking for a coolant that can be used without additional water? Then you are looking for a ready-made coolant, or so-called premix (German: vorgemischt).

This product is a mostly 1:1 mixture of coolant concentrate and distilled water. Due to this fixed mixing ratio, the liquid achieves a protective effect at up to -40 degrees. It can be filled directly into the radiator ready for use.

So which ready-made mixture is the right one?

On the Kühlflüssigkeit.com homepage you will find a detailed listing of how to find the right coolant for your car. Short and sweet, every car owner can find the right coolant for his car based on the brand and year of construction. To do this, simply search the respective coolant manufacturer in a list and you have the right coolant.

You can find a few ready-mixed coolants directly at Amazon.

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Coolant concentrate without water

A coolant without the already enriched part of water is the concentrate. As a rule, manufacturers always sell the concentrate as well as a ready mixture. In the case of the concentrate, the end user must mix the agent with a fixed proportion of (distilled) water. In most cases, a mixing ratio of 1:1 is recommended to achieve a protective effect at up to -40 degrees, as with the premix.

If this coolant is filled into the cooling system without water, there is a risk of serious consequences. For this reason, a mixture with water must always be guaranteed before filling.

The percentage of concentrate should never be less than 30% and never more than 60%. The end user therefore has quite a lot of freedom as to the ratio in which he mixes the coolant with water.

If a higher proportion of water is added, the temperature of the protective effect will drop. However, not proportionally, but when the 1:1 ratio is exceeded, the protective effect automatically drops to -20 degrees.

When looking for the right coolant without water, Amazon offers a large number of products. Here is a small overview of the coolant top sellers on Amazon:

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