Coolant table

When it comes to coolant, the question often arises as to which is the right coolant for your car and what other alternatives are available. Because often there are also high-quality alternative products, which are even officially approved by the vehicle manufacturers. These alternatives, but also the original coolants of the manufacturers (so-called OEM products), can be found in the following table.

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Car brandModelsYear of constructionApproval / specificationOriginal coolantAlternative coolant
Alfa RomeoAll models1976 - 2005Glysantin G48
Alfa RomeoAll modelsFrom 2006Glysantin G30
AudiAll models1981 - 1996VW TL 774-CVW G11 Glysantin G48
AudiAll models1996 - 07/2007VW TL 774-D/ VW TL 774-FVW G12 / VW G12+ (no longer available)Glysantin G30
AudiAll models08/2007 - 05/2018VW TL 774-GVW G12++ (no longer available)Glysantin G40
AudiAll models06 / 2018 - todayVW TL 774-LVW G12evoGlysantin G65
BMWAll models1975 - 2019BMW LC-87Original BMW CoolantGlysantin G48
DaciaAll modelsFrom 2005Glysantin G30
DaihatsuAll modelsFrom 1979Glysantin G30
FerrariAll models1979 - 2009Glysantin G48
FerrariAll modelsFrom 2010Glysantin G30
FiatAll models1982 - 2005Glysantin G48
FiatAll modelsFrom 2005Glysantin G30
Ford (EU Fabrikat)All modelsUntil 1997Glysantin G48
Ford (EU Fabrikat)All modelsFrom 1998Glysantin G30
HondaAll modelsFrom 1983OL999-9001Original Honda Type 2 AntifreezeGlysantin G30; Ravenol HTC MB 325.0
HyundaiAll modelsFrom 1982Glysantin G30
JaguarAll models1986 - 1999Glysantin G48
JaguarAll modelsFrom 1999Glysantin G30
KIAAll modelsFrom 1991Glysantin G30
LadaAll modelsSince manufacturingGlysantin G48
LamborghiniAll models1997 - 2008VW TL 774-D/ VW TL 774-FVW G12 / VW G12+ (no longer available)Glysantin G30
LamborghiniAll models2009 - 05/2018 VW TL 774-GVW G12++ (no longer available)Glysantin G65
LamborghiniAll modelsFrom 06/2018VW TL 774-LVW G12evoGlysantin G65
LanciaAll models1976 - 2005Glysantin G48
LanciaAll modelsFrom 2005Glysantin G30
Land RoverAll modelsFrom 1998Glysantin G30
LexusAll modelsFrom 1994Glysantin G30
LotusAll models1980 - 1999Glysantin G48
LotusAll modelsFrom 2000Glysantin G30
MazdaAll modelsFrom 1977Glysantin G30
Mercedes BenzAll models1976 - 04/2014MB 325.0Original MB 325.0Glysantin G48, Ravenol HTC MB 325.0
Mercedes BenzAll modelsFrom 05/2015MB 325.6Original MB 325.6Glysantin G40
Land RoverAll modelsFrom 1982Glysantin G30
SaabAll models1975 - 2000Glysantin G48
SaabAll modelsFrom 2001Glysantin G48
SeatAll models1985 - 1996VW G11VW G11 Glysantin G48
SeatAll models1997 - 2007VW TL 774-D/ VW TL 774-FVW G12+ (no longer available)Glysantin G30
SeatAll models2008 - 05/2018VW TL 774-GVW G12++ (no longer available)Glysantin G40
SeatAll modelsAb 06/2018VW TL 774-LVW G12evoGlysantin G65
SkodaAll models1989 - 1998G11 KühlmittelVW G11 Glysantin G48
SkodaAll models1998 - 08/2008VW TL 774-D/ VW TL 774-FVW G12+ (no longer available)Glysantin G30
SkodaAll modelsAb 06/2018VW TL 774-LVW G12evoGlysantin G65
SkodaAll models09/2008 - 05/2018VW TL 774-GOriginal VW G12++ (no longer available)Glysantin G40
SmartAll modelsBis 10/2014MB 325.0Original MB 325.0Glysantin G48
SmartAll modelsAb 11/2014Glysantin G30
SubaruAll modelsAb 1977Glysantin G30
SuzukiAll modelsAb 1981Glysantin G30
TeslaAll modelsAb 2013Glysantin G48
ToyotaAll modelsAb 2015Glysantin G48
ToyotaAll models except dieselAb 1978Glysantin G30
Volkswagen (VW)All models1975 - 1996VW TL 774-C
VW G11 Glysantin G48
Volkswagen (VW)All models1997 - 08/2008VW TL 774-D/ VW TL 774-FVW G12 / VW G12+ (no longer available)Glysantin G30
Volkswagen (VW)All models09/2008 - 05/2018VW TL 774-GVW G12++ (no longer available)Glysantin G30
Volkswagen (VW)All models06/2018VW TL 774-L
VW G12evoGlysantin G65
VolvoAll modelsAny year of constructionVolvo 9437650Original Volvo CoolantGlysantin G64

Structure of the table

The table is divided into six columns. There you select the make of your vehicle in the first column. In the second column you select now the affiliation of the year of construction. Consequently, you may receive the original coolant of the vehicle manufacturer or an alternative product. In this table, especially the coolants from Glysantin are very present. This is due to the many approvals with which the products are marked. This means that these all-rounders can be used particularly often.

Gasoline – and diesel engines

The use of the radiator antifreeze varies in the fewest cases according to the type of combustion engine. Accordingly, the specifications always apply to the diesel and gasoline engines of the car brands. However, if there are deviations – such as in the case of the Mini – you will find this information in the tabular arrangement of the models.

Liter quantities

In this coolant table, you will not find any indication of how much coolant your car needs for a complete change. This is due to the fact that there are sometimes major deviations in the capacities of the cooling systems and therefore a much larger listing would be necessary. However, you can easily find the information on the total amount in the vehicle manual of your car.

Product recommendations

VW G12evo Ready-Mix 1L

original vw volkswagen g12evo kühlmittel

BMW Coolant Concentrate 1,5L

original bmw kuehlmittel 1,5 liter

Volvo Coolant Concentrate 1L

Mercedes Benz MB325.0 1L

Mercedes Benz MB325.6 1L

Ravenol MB 325.0 5L

Glysantin G48 Ready-Mix 1L

glysantin g48 gebrauchsfertig 1 liter

Glysantin G30 Ready-Mix 1L

glysantin g30 1 liter gebrauchsfertig

Glysantin G40 Konzentrat 1L

glysantin g40 1 liter konzentrat