Coolant for the Opel Corsa D model


The Opel Corsa is one of the best-known models from Opel. The Corsa D is the model that was built from 2006 to 2014 and is currently very popular on German roads.

The small car was equipped with a total of five different gasoline and diesel engines, but they all have in common that they can use the same cooling water. The Corsa D is not alone with this advantageous commonality, because a Golf 6 coolant from its major competitor VW is also the same for all model years. In the overall context, the term coolant is used synonymously with the terms coolant fluid and radiator antifreeze. The same synonyms apply in the following text.

Opel Corsa D – How to find the right coolant?

Opel itself is interested in Opel Corsa D owners naturally using the original coolants from the car manufacturer. These are, of course, used and recommended in the specialized workshops, but then they are also less inexpensive. However, this is not a rarity. The prices in the workshops should not be made bad, but the customer often has the opportunity to get cheap coolant alternatives via Amazon or other online stores.

How to find the right coolant specifically for an Opel Corsa D is easily demonstrated below. We will also show you which suppliers also offer a suitable coolant for the Opel Corsa D and where you can buy it cheaply.

Original coolant for the Opel Corsa D

In order to find the right coolant, the first thing to do is of course to take a look at the vehicle manual. We have selected one from the Internet for this purpose. Under the heading “Coolant” it states:

“There are radiator antifreeze agents that can cause damage to the engine if used. We therefore recommend using Opel-approved radiator antifreeze if necessary.”

As mentioned above, the manufacturer is interested in you obtaining a coolant for the Opel Corsa D from the specialist workshop. Consequently, it is not made easy for the end customer to look for inexpensive but equally high-quality alternatives. Of course, the original coolant from GM can be purchased via Amazon, but in an overall comparison, these are not cheaper than alternative manufacturers with the same quality.

Original Opel Kühlmittel für den Corsa D

Original Opel coolant 1L (Concentrate)

Original Opel coolant 5L (Premixed)

Original Opel Coolant

  • For all Opel models from 2001
  • Protection to -38 degrees
  • 1:1 mixing ratio with distilled water
  • Color: Red / Pink

Find coolant alternatives for Opel Corsa

If you want to buy your coolant on the Internet via Amazon & Co., you can fall back on products of equal quality and save up to 60%. Absolute leaders on the market are the coolant manufacturers Ravenol and Glysantin.

How to find the right coolant?

No matter if Opel Corsa D, Corsa C or Corsa A, to find the right coolant you only need to consider the following points:

  • Year of manufacture of the vehicle
  • Coolant overview from the manufacturer

With exactly these two points, the right product can be found quickly and easily. In contrast to the engine oil, where the fuel type and the number of horsepower are relevant, only the year of manufacture plays an important role for the coolant. The same scheme applies to all other vehicle manufacturers.

Coolant quantity for an Opel Corsa D

Even if the Opel Corsa D stands for a uniform model series despite the different model years, the different Corsa D models also require different amounts of coolant. It depends on whether the model has a gasoline or diesel engine and in a few cases, whether it is an automatic or manual transmission. Which amount of coolant your Opel Corsa D needs, you can find in the following table.

Engine PS Coolant quantity
1,0 60 PS 4,60 liters
1,0 65 PS 4,60 liters
1,2 69 PS 6,00 liters
1,2 80 PS 5,00 liters
1,2 LPG 80 PS 5,00 liters
1,2 LPG 83 PS 6,00 liters
1,2 86 PS 6,00 liters
1,2 LPG 86 PS 6,00 liters
1,4 90 PS 5,00 liters (MTF)
1,4 90 PS 5,20 liters (ATF)
1,4 LPG 90 PS 5,00 liters (MTF)
1,4 LPG 90 PS 5,20 liters (ATF)
1,4 120 PS 6,60 liters
1,4 87 PS 6,00 liters
1,4 LPG 87 PS 6,00 liters
1,4 100 PS 6,00 liters
1,6 Turbo 150 PS 5,80 liters (engine Z16LEL)
1,6 Turbo 150 PS 5,30 liters (engine A16LEL)
1,6 Turbo 192 PS 5,80 liters (engine Z16LER)
1,6 Turbo 192 PS 5,20 liters (engine A16LEL)
1,6 Tubro 192 PS 5,20 liters (engine B16LER)
1,6 Turbo 211 PS 5,20 liters
1,3 CDTI 75 PS 6,60 liters
1,3 CDTI 90 PS 6,60 liters
1,3 CDTI 95 PS 6,60 liters
1,7 CDTI 125 PS 7,10 liters
1,7 CDTI 130 PS 7,10 liters

Opel Corsa D coolant from Ravenol

The German oil and coolant manufacturer Ravenol offers a wide range of coolants for almost every car model. As mentioned above, all you need is the year of manufacture and you can find the Corsa D coolant.

To do this, we look in the Ravenol product catalog under the heading “Coolants”. On page 89 we find the manufacturer Opel. A total of three coolant concentrates are applicable for all Opel models. These are:

  • All Opel models from 1975 – 200 – Ravenol TTC Protect C11
  • All Opel models from 2001 until today – Ravenol OTC Protect C12+
  • All models from 2007 until today – Ravenol Protect MB 325.0

Since the Corsa D was produced from 2006 to 2014, the Ravenol coolants OTC Protect C12+ as well as Protect MB 325.0 would be suitable. The second-mentioned coolant is ultimately a more innovative and environmentally friendly coolant. However, it is also somewhat more expensive. However, as mentioned, both coolants would be suitable for the Opel Corsa D.

Ravenol TTC 5L (Concentrate)

Ravenol OTC 5L (Concentrate)

Ravenol HTC 5L (Concentrate)

Glysantin coolant for Opel Corsa

Besides Ravenol, the manufacturer Glysantin stands for excellent coolants. In the Glysantin overview list, all vehicle manufacturers for which Glysantin offers a coolant concentrate are also listed.

Looking at the Opel make, we even find only two Glysantin coolants for all Opel models. These are:

  • All models from 1975 – 2000 – Glysantin G48
  • All models from 2001 until today – Glysantin G30

However, Glysantin offers the G30 only in 20 liter containers, which are rather difficult to get on the Internet. Specifically related to the Corsa D, we would hereby simply point to the a cooling water from Ravenol, which are in the same price segment as Glysantin, but in this case easier to buy on the Internet.

The color of the coolant does not matter

If you look into the coolant reservoir in your Corsa D, you will most likely see a reddish coolant. This is the color of the original GM coolant.

In this case, the manufacturer Ravenol offers a bluish and pink coolant for the Corsa D. Here often lies the misconception that the coolant must always have the same color. In the field of cooling water, there are no standards that a reddish coolant must always have the same ingredients. Each manufacturer uses its own color schemes for its cooling water.

In this case, you should always look at the cooling water guides of the respective manufacturers. In addition, it is recommended that you always empty out all the old coolant and fill in the new coolant in a fixed mixing ratio with water.

This will ensure optimum protection for your Opel Corsa D!