The most important questions about coolant

Below we have looked more at what users want to know about coolant / antifreeze. And that’s where Google Suggest comes in. In the right image, Google Suggest already refers to what most users are looking for in this case. We answer selected questions about this in the following.

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The coolant for the car or even motorcycle can be purchased through several channels. Decisive here are, of course, factors such as the price, availability and selection.

The workshop offers here the possibility that the entire task can be handed over. The workshop has the right coolant in stock and knows how much the cooling system needs, for example, for a whole change. As a consumer, there is no need to search for the right coolant. The disadvantage here, however, is the lack of choice. The workshop uses the coolant that is available. So vehicle owners have no influence here.

At the service station, in addition to a small selection of engine oils, there is usually also a coolant. However, the selection here is usually very limited, especially in terms of liter quantities. Gas stations orient their offer here on the fact that the coolant is refilled. Anyone planning a complete change would be rather wrong there, especially since the prices at the gas station are known not to be comparable with those on the Internet. Accordingly, coolant from the service station remains the best alternative when it comes to quick availability, regardless of late hours or working days.

A third source of purchase, as previously mentioned, is the Internet. Many online stores and sales platforms offer a variety of alternatives and their prices are very comparable. Amazon, for example, also offers the possibility of directly entering the data for your own car and directly receiving the appropriate coolants. You can find this coolant finder here.

In the cooling system there is always a mark which minimum or maximum amount may be contained. If there is too little coolant, the entire protection can not be secured at the temperatures. With too much, the pressure in the cooling system can become too high and damage can occur.

To know how much coolant your car or motorcycle needs, there is always the vehicle manual. It indicates how many liters in total belong in the cooling system. Alternatively, online stores sometimes offer you information on how many liters are needed for a change.

Under the heading “Coolant by car model” you will also find selected vehicles. These contain detailed information on how many liters of coolant the vehicle can hold. Alternatively, you can also look at coolant manufacturers. They offer coolant finders, which you can use to find out directly which coolant you need and in what quantity.

For this concern help antifreeze testers, such as from the manufacturer Gefo. Easy to use, suck out the some coolant from the cooling system and show in a few seconds up to what temperature the filled coolant protects. This also has the advantage of checking whether small amounts can be topped up with water.