Coolant for VW Golf 8

As the direct successor to the VW Golf 7, launches in 2019 the Golf 8 (VIII) and thus represents the latest version of the famous Golf series. Particularly with regard to the coolant of the Golf 8, is the use of the VW G12evo. This is at the same time the successor coolant of the well-known VW G13 coolant.


G12 evo coolant

The original VW G12 evo coolant with the purple color is available in various liter quantities, as well as pure concentrate or already mixed. The coolant released since 2019 is also mixable with all other predecessors of VW coolant.

When buying the coolant concentrate, mix the coolant with distilled water in a mixing ratio of 1:1. The finished mixture is already mixed with water and can be filled directly into the cooling system.

Original VW G12 evo 1L (Ready-Mix)

Original VW G12 evo 5L (Ready-Mix)

Properties of the VW G12 evo

  • Suitable for VW, Seat, Skoda & Audi
  • Color: Pink
  • Original VW coolant
  • Protects up to -35 degrees

The alternative: Glysantin G65

The pink coolant from Glysantin with the designation G65 represents the counterpart to the original VW G12 evo. The Glysantin product carries the approval VW TL-774-L (VW G12 evo) and is therefore also suitable by the manufacturer for the cooling system of the Golf 8 (VIII). This is also available as a pure concentrate or ready mix.

Further information about Glysantin G65 can be found directly from the manufacturer’s product data sheet.

Glysantin G65 1L (Concentrate)

Coolant quantity for the Golf 8

In the following table you will find the current Golf 8 models, as well as the coolant concentrate recommended for them by the manufacturer and the total capacity of the coolant system. Thus, you have all what you need to refill or refill.


Motorization PS-number BWM coolant parts number Quantity coolant
1.0 TSI 90 PS G12 evo 8,00 liters
1.0 TSI 110 PS G12 evo 8,00 liters
1.5 TSI 131 PS G12 evo 8,00 liters
1.5 TSI 150 PS G12 evo 8,00 liters
1.5 eTSI 150 PS G12 evo 8,00 liters
2.0 TSI 116 PS G12 evo 8,00 liters
2.0 TSI 150 PS G12 evo 8,00 liters

Source: Hand research of vehicle manuals | Status: 01.2021