VW TL 774-D Coolant

Are you looking for the right coolant for your car? For VW, Audi, Skoda and Seat models, you might come across the recommended VW TL 774-D release, which is sometimes recommended in the vehicle manual. This official release is known to many more as G12 coolant. It is the same standard, except that G12 is more common.

VW release VW TL 774-D

The VW TL 774-D is not the only VW coolant release, but one of many others. The approvals were successively renewed and replaced their predecessors. In 1994, the VAG Group introduced the G11 coolant (VW TL 774-C). From 1996 to 2000, G12 (VW TL 77-D) was the latest coolant standard. Over the years, this has also been further developed.

The special thing is that the coolant standards are mostly backwards compatible. This means that a current VW G12evo coolant can also be used when a VW G12 coolant is actually required.

In the following table you will find the VW approvals again and at what time they were used.

Name VW Approval Used since
G11 TL-774 C 1994
G12 TL-774 D 1996
G12+ TL-774 F 2000
G12++ TL-774 G 2005
G13 TL-774 J 2012
G12 evo TL-774 L 2018

Buy original VW TL 774-D coolant

As briefly mentioned before, the VW TL 774-D release has been replaced by the VW G12+ (VW TL 774-F) since 2000. This has also been superseded and since 2018, the VW G12evo (VW TL 774-L) represents the most current standard of Volkswagen coolants.

Since VW no longer produces the G12 coolant, but only the VW G12evo, you could only fall back on this for the original VW coolants. On the question of the miscibility of coolants, it can be said here that a G12 can be mixed with a G12evo. Since the cooling system can consequently also work purely with the G12evo, the pure use of a coolant standard is rather recommended. It follows from this: If your car still uses a VW TL 774-D coolant, you should drain it and refill it only with a VW G12evo.

VW G12evo 1L

VW G12evo 5L

VW G12evo 1L

Coolant manufacturers with VW TL 774-D coolants

If you only want a coolant with VW TL 774-D approval, your only option is to turn to other manufacturers. For example, the manufacturers Febi Bilstein and Protesten offer you alternatives that are also inexpensive and available in various sizes. Find the suitable Febi Beilstein G12 and Protecton G12/G12+ coolants below.

Febi Bilstein G12 1.5L

Protecton G12/G12+ 5L

Mannol G12+ 5L

Mixing concentrates correctly

When buying coolants, you usually have a choice of concentrates or ready-mixes (so-called ready-mixes). With ready-mixes, the concentrate has already been diluted with water and can be filled directly into the cooling system. With the concentrate, on the other hand, you still have to mix it independently with water (ideally distilled water)). As a rule of thumb, a mixing ratio of 50:50 applies. You will find the exact details on the product bottles or on the manufacturer’s website.

Distilled Water 1L

Distilled Water 5L

Distilled Water 10L

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